Is your product safe to use around cats?

Yes, just not directly on them.

Does your product contain nuts?

The flea defence contains nut extract (contact us for an alternative which can be made up for you).

Does your product contain tea tree oil?


Does your product contain neem?

No, as we often provide products to look after canine mothers to be, or those already in whelp.

Does your Tick Defence spray contain preservatives?


Why is there an expiration date on the bottom of my Tick Defence bottle?

As our products are freshly hand made without preservatives, a best before is placed on the bottom so you can keep a check on when you need fresh supplies.

Do you recycle/refill your bottles?

Unfortunately not due to potential cross contamination, but feel free to recycle or find an alternative use.

I found a tick on my dog. How do I remove it?

Firstly, don't panic. The best way is to use a tick twister (details available on the site) and follow the instructions on the back of our info leaflet if needed.